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Using the Tracking Library

The tracking library generated by ampli pull is used to track events from your apps and services. The library wraps your analytics providers' own libraries (e.g. Amplitude's or Segment's) and exposes a convenient, strongly-typed API for your company's analytics events. It also validates that your events match their definitions in your tracking plan before passing on clean, correct data over to each provider.

Unlike other static tracking libraries you might have used in the past, Iteratively's tracking library is generated on-the-fly to match your tracking plan precisely. This means that instead of tracking events like this:

JSONObject props = new JSONObject();
props.put("name", "Moto 360");

"Product Viewed",

You track them like this:

name = "Moto 360"

No more typos, forgotten properties, and boilerplate code. Iteratively is like auto-complete for your analytics.


Iteratively supports 12 platforms today with more on the way.

Browser — JavaScript
Node.js — TypeScript
Android — Kotlin


Iteratively supports the following analytics destinations out of the box. If your destination is not listed, you can create a custom destination to send events to another analytics provider or your own endpoint.