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Iglu API

Iteratively fully supports the Iglu schema service APIs as defined in Iglu server. This means that an Iglu client can retrieve schemas referenced by all incoming self-describing JSON objects and use them to validate and shred incoming events.

To get started:

  1. Generate an API Token in your Iteratively account. This is the apikey that the Iglu client will use to authenticate itself to the Iteratively Iglu-compatible schema repository
    1. Browse to Settings, select the API Tokens page, and create a new token
  2. Add another repository to your Iglu configuration file:
"name": "Amplitude",
"priority": 0,
"vendorPrefixes": [ "ly.iterative" ],
"connection": {
"http": {
"uri": "",
"apikey": "{your-api-key}"

To retrieve all schemas ever created in your tracking plan:

curl '{vendor-name}/' --header 'apikey: {your-api-key}'