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Identifying Users and Groups

You can tie a user to their actions and record traits about them, including the group they're in. Similar to events, you can add properties to users and groups to add additional context and better understand customer behavior.

Adding User Properties

User properties make it easy to record traits on a user (e.g. name, logins, plan, role, etc...) whenever the identify() call is made. We recommend calling identify:

  • After a user signs up, e.g. User Signed Up
  • After a user signs in, e.g. User Signed In
  • Whenever a user updates their information, e.g. Profile Updated

User Traits

Adding Group Properties

Group properties make it easy to associate a user with a particular account (e.g. name, industry, employees, etc...) whenever the group() call is made. This is helpful in software where you have accounts with multiple users.

Group Traits

This requires a paid add-on with Amplitude – Account Extension.